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Solar Home Lighting System George, South Africa

Empower Solar Energy is a leading Solar Home Lighting System Manufacturer in George, South Africa. We are exporter and supplier of comprehensive solar lighting systems in George, South Africa. We manufacture award winning and internationally recognized solar lighting systems for residents. Our high quality solar lighting solutions feature moisture resistance, attractive design, and high illumination. Accurately designed by our engineers in the highly advanced working unit, we use top grade materials and latest techniques in making the solar systems.
As one of the prominent solar home lighting system manufacturer, we are able to provide home lighting systems in numerous stipulations with a view to meet different needs and requirements. Our lights are extremely useful for remote villages or locations where there is load shedding issue power connectivity is not available.
Also, there are no effects of weather. Be it monsoon, rainy seasons, cloudy weather, or extreme cold, our solar lighting systems have the capacity to illumine a wide area. You can get from us one year warranty, overcharge protection and quality tested home lighting system at nominal prices. Get in touch if you are on a search for reliable and affordable lighting system.

Solar Home Lighting System Features

  • System consists of III Solar module 12v 8 watt
  • Battery 12v 7 Ah
  • 3watt led luminary with dc to dc constant current circuitry more than 85% efficiency constant light output
  • Mobile charger with fan optional
  • Operation 3-4 hours
  • Autonomy 2 days
  • Low battery cut
  • Electronic Blocking (To protect against the reverse polarity connection of PV panel and prevent current from battery to panel at night time)
  • Temperature compensation for better battery charging for various climate and terrain
  • Battery reverses polarity protection with fuse
  • 3/4 LED indication systems for system and battery status
  • Efficient Over charge and deep discharge protection
  • Electronic overload protection avoiding blowing of fuse except in reverse battery
  • Short circuit protection on load side
  • Multi level overload protection

Solar Home Lighting System Technical Specifications

Type of Luminary LED
Rated Power of Luminary 3 Watt
Input operating Voltage 12V DC Nominal
Input Voltage 11 to 14Volts DC
Range Battery fully/trickle charging 14.40Volts + / - 0.2V
Battery Deep discharge cut off 11.20V + / - 0.2 V
Protections :
Reverse polarity of battery connections.
Battery Over charge.
Battery Deep discharge.
Load open circuit.
Output short circuit etc.

LED Indications:
Battery charging.
Battery deep discharge

Product Detail

MODEL POWERED BY LOAD Hours Per Day/ Autonomy
MODEL -1 8Wp/4.5Ah 2*4 Watt Led Bulb/Tube 2 Days
MODEL - 2 10Wp/7.5Ah 2*4 Watt Led Bulb/Tube 3 Days
MODEL - 3 12Wp/7.5Ah 3*4 Watt Led Bulb/Tube 3 Days
MODEL - 4 15Wp/12Ah 4*4 Watt Led Bulb/Tube 3 Days
MODEL - 5 20Wp/15Ah 5*4 Watt Led Bulb/Tube 3 Days

Model Number



ESI – 036



Solar Electrification for homes, shops, offices etc

Hrs of operation

Average 5 hrs

Average 5 hrs

Average 5 hrs


2 days

2 days

2fs days

System Voltage

12V DC

Module type

Mono / Polycrystalline silicon

Module Power @ 16.4V




Solar Back up unit


Solar Back up unit model

Little Digital Power Pack


Solar 1A / Load 1A

Battery Type (Built -in)

VRLA AGM (SMF Lead acid)

Battery capacity

12V – 7.2Ah

12V - 7.2Ah

12V – 12Ah

LED Luminary


LED Luminary model

Mercury - 004

Mercury - 004

Mercury – 004


3W (Clear Diffuser)

3W (Pattern Diffuser)

3W (Pattern Diffuser)

Number of LED Luminaries




Other Accessories


Connecting cable

Provided (Cable with DC plug 0.5mm / 1mm)